Rugby 7’s is quickly becoming a very popular off-shoot of the traditional 15’s game. Certainly the inclusion of seven’s in the Summer Olympics will continue to promote the sport of rugby all over the globe. The Niagara Rugby Club is proud to boast its own Rugby 7’s tournament which coincides just at the end of the Ontario rugby season in early November and just prior to the New York 7’s tournament on American Thanksgiving weekend.

The Niagara Rugby 7’s Tournament is held over multiple days to host a Junior & High School Division for both Boys and Girls on Day One as well as Senior Club & Premier Divisions for both men and women on Day Two.  

Make a point of capping your rugby season or preparing for the New York 7’s with a stop at the Niagara Rugby 7’s Tournament. The city of Niagara Falls has a variety of accommodations that offer special tournament rates and there is certainly no shortage of tourist attractions to try during your stay. The tournament is also capped with a reception on the Saturday night for all the players, coaches, and supporters to revel in the tournament’s highlights, gaffs, and stories.

Details for this year’s Niagara Rugby 7’s Tournament are noted below…


NIAGARA 7's - 2019 (A new venue for a trial run)

**Teams Registered To-Date For The Respctive Divisions Are Noted Below**

**If You Want Your Team On The List, email Chris at**

The Niagara Rugby Club presents:
NIAGARA 7s 2019
Looking for Teams to Play & Stay!
Location: The Niagara Rugby Club
Date: Saturday, November 2
Registration Cut-Off: Oct 19, 6pm
Cost: $220 per team via etransfer

Divisions: Men's & Women's Pools
Open7s Div - 3 games min (2019)
Social7s Div & OldBoys7s (2020)

Food & Beverage Available All Day
Fire Pit & Dry Change-rooms
Hotel: Best Western Cairn Croft
After-Party: Doc MacGilligans, 10p
Dream Teams Posted: Doc's, 11p

More Info: Niagara7s
The Niagara Rugby Club: 1105 Barron Rd, NF




Etransfers or Questions to Chris:

Niagara 7s Tournament Page:

The Niagara Rugby Club: 1105 Barron Rd, Niagara Falls, Ontario (use Thorold for google)

Fields: Two Interantional Sized Grass Fields

Host Hotel - Best Western Plus Cairn Croft: 6400 Lundy's Ln, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 1T6

Special Tournament Hotel Rate: ask for the "Niagara Rugby" special discounted rate

Post Tournament Party: Doc MacGilligan's Irish Pub attached to the Cairn Croft Hotel

Hotel & Bar Website: 

Reserve Your Spot in Advance for Next Year's Tournament:  



**New for this year...we are holding the tournament at our club this year on the two grass fields. We'll run two open men's & women's divisions for 4 - 6 teams as a trial run for this year. We'll have food & beverage available all day overlooking both fields from our SkyDeck inbetween the two fields. There are two dry changerooms, one each for our men & women respectively. We'll have big bonfire going throughout the day as well. **

**New for this year...we are looking for teams interested in entering demonstration divisions for Social 10's and Old Boys 12's on the Saturday of the tournament...if you are interetested, contact Chris as noted below and we'll look into adding these divisions for the upcoming years.**




(updated Nov 1, 1pm, 2019)



11:00A The Niagara Rugby Club Opens

11:30A Coaches&Refs Meeting on the SkyDeck

12:00P Games Begin (Dream Teams annouced after respective Finals)

1:00P Food & Beverage Service Begins

6:00p Club Closes

10:00p After Party Begins at Doc's (if you need a Niagara tour guide, just ask) 


Womens Open Division: 

1) Niagara & Sudbury (registered) ErinR&AdewaleK

2) Cobourg (registered) ShawnaB

3) Toron_o (regsitered) PetraW


Men's Open Division:

1) Grimsby Gentlemen (registered) WillG

2) Stoney Creek Camels (registered) GaryW

3) Cobourg Saxons (registered) GordonL

4) Laurentian Voyageurs (registered) AdewaleK

5) Sudbury Stones (registered) JohnsonS

6) Toronto Saracens (registered) DanielP

Stand-by) Niagara Wasps (registered) KyleP




About Niagara Rugby 7s Festival

The Niagara Rugby 7s Festival offers teams from far and wide a memorable experience within the confines of Niagara’s bustling sport community. In what is becoming an increasingly popular sport, the Niagara Sport Commission, in partnership with the Niagara Wasps, is proud to showcase this annual display of athletic prowess and energetic atmosphere. The Niagara Rugby 7s Festival is a two-day November offering that brings together athletes from various divisions, various experience levels, and various regions, all looking to take part in this festival-like event. More than just the high-paced action on the pitch, this event looks to celebrate the sport of rugby sevens, highlight not only the impressive talent, but also the sense of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and overall excitement.

Across the province, across the country, and even across the border, the Niagara Rugby 7s Festival continues to strive to become a standout event for the sport and for the Region. Regardless of the experience, the talent, or the location, this Niagara-based event has a spot for your teams. Past divisions have included: Boys High School and Girls High School; Men’s Premier and Women’s Premier; Men’s Club and Women’s Club; and Men’s College/University and Women’s College/University, so whether you want to test your skill against some formidable competition, experience the thrill and excitement of a rugby sevens event, or simply see what this incredible event has to offer, the Niagara Rugby 7s Festival has it all.

About Rugby Sevens

Rugby sevens, as the name suggests, involves teams made up of seven players, as opposed to the traditional 15, and is played across two seven-minute halves. Aside from these critical adjustments, much of the play is kept unchanged from the traditional running, as the athletes look to push the ball forward via crisp lateral or backward passing, determined forward runs, and hard-fought battles for possession. Overall, rugby sevens offers plenty of action, some intense speed and skill, and a number of impressive plays that excite fans like few other sports can.   

Past Division Winners



Sat, Nov 2 at The Niagara Rugby Club


Women's Open Division Championship: Saracens defeat Niagara 30-17

Women's Dream Team:

Ben S - Saracens

Sara C - Saracens

Petra W - Saracens

Dani M - Niagara

Abbey R - Niagara

Amanda A - Niagara

Kristina P - Laurentian

Tatus M - Laurentian

River T - Cobourg

Janine B - Cobourg

Brittany D - Cobourg


Men's Open Division Championship: StoneyCreek defeat Saracens 15-5

Men's Dream Team:

Mitch R - StoneyCreek

Shawn W - Stoney Creek

Justin S - Saracens

Andrew H - Saracens

Dan PC - Grimsby

Nick L - Grmisby

Jacob - Laurentian

Jackson - Laurentian

Rob B - Cobourg

Mohinyo T - Cobourg

Lucas B - Sudbury

Jake W - Sudbury



Sat, Nov 10 at Kalar Sports Park

Women's Club Division Champions - Aurora Barbs

Women's Dream Club Divison - Dream Team

Cobourg Saxons

Michelle Harper

Melissa Crosby

Barrie RFC

Rachell Coutts

Mandy Musse

Aurora Barbs

Colleen Barbalinardo

Saffara Whitely-Hoffelner

Niagara White

Erin Risto

Seana Cartmell

Niagara Black

Lauren Turner

Charlene Austin

Men's Club Division Champions - Niagara

Men's Premier Division Champions - Seneca

Men's Club Division - Dream Team

Johnson S - Sudbury

Jacquelin P - Sudbury

Nick S - Niagara White

Sean W - Niagara White

Jordon T - Burlington

Trevor A - Burlington

Owen S - Seneca

Liam M - Seneca

Brian B - Niagara Black

Ron N - Niagara Black



Thu, Nov 9 at Kalar Sport Park

Niagara 7s - Day 1 - High Schools
Congrats to all who participated!

Cup Game - St Mary's 19 over Myer 5
Plate Game - St Michaels 20 over Burlington Central 7
Bowl Game - St Mary's2 22 over Centennial 7

Niagara Schools Dream Team
Ella C - Myer
Destiny W - Myer
Beth HF - Myer
Tessa D - Myer
Hannah T - Centennial 
Tori R - Centennial 
Ana C - St Mikes
Dana D - St Mikes

Visiting Schools Dream Team
Leila D - Aldershot
Lily W - Aldershot
Arians M - Burlington Central 
Kaitlyn A - Burlington Central 
Aislyn S - St Mary's
Emily H - St Mary's 
Mayors R - St Mary's 
Hannah BD - St Mary's


Thu, Nov 11 at Kalar Sport Park

Niagara 7s - Day 2 – Club, College-University, & Premier
Congrats to all who participated!

Club Women’s Division Champs – Niagara Wasps
Club Men’s Division Champs – Cobourg Saxons
College-University Division Champs – Brock Badgers

Premier Men Division Champs – Thorold Silverbacks


Club Women’s Dream Team

Saffara Hoffelner – Cobourg

Gill Hall – Cobourg

Angela Godfrey – Cobourg

Melissa Crosby – Cobourg

Katelyn Von Gunten – Conestoga

Brooke Clarke – Conestoga

Haley O’Donoghue – Niagara

Mason Cereo – Niagara

TBA – Niagara

TBA – Niagara


Club Men’s Dream Team

Cody Strickland – Cobourg

Weldon Spears – Cobourg

Cam Shaw – Baby Badgers

Jake D’Abreaw – Baby Badgers

Bruce Barr – Ormstown

Mark Sample – Ormstown

John Thompson – Niagara

Kyle Pagetto - Niagara


College-University Men’s Dream Team

Zach Zorbas – Brock

Steven Commerford – Brock

Michael AK – Waterloo

Mitch Vorelek – Waterloo

Liam McGucklian – Seneca

Roy Walters – Seneca

TBA – Mohawk

TBA – Mohawk


Premier Men’s Dream Team

Benny Thompson – Silverbacks

Dylan Mundy – Silverbacks

TBA – Stoney Creek

TBA – Stoney Creek

Luke Travell – Aurora

Connor Johnston – Aurora

Mike Zapatelli – Niagara

Ollie Varney – Niagara



Women’s College/University Division – Flemming def. Brock 12-10
Men’s College/University Division – Silverbacks def. Trent(1) 17-10
Women’s Club Division – Ladyboys def. Saxons 17-0
Men’s Club Division – Belleville def. Niagara Black 20-12                                                                                    

U18 Girls Division – WNY def. Mont Tremblant 12-5

U18 Boys Division – Niagara def. Mont Tremblant 22-17



High School Boys Division – T.A. Blakelock
High School Girls Division – St. Mary’s Thunder                                                                                                   

U16 Boys Division – Norfolk Harvesters
Women’s Premier Division – Ormstown



High School Boys Division – Upright Rugby def. NRU 15-14
High School Girls Division – Upright Rugby def. Beamsville 42-12
Men’s Club Division – Wasps & Tigers def. Mohawk College 21-19
Men’s Premier Division – Brock University Men’s Rugby def. Stoney Creek 19-10



High School Boys Division – St. Mary’s Thunder def. Grimsby Eagles (Black) 20-0
High School Girls Division – St. Mary’s Thunder def. St. Michaels Mustangs 10-0
Men’ Division – Balmy Beach Men’s Rugby
Women’s Division – Stoney Creek Women’s Rugby



High School Boys Division – St. Mary’s Thunder def. Stamford Hornets 36-0
High School Girls Division – St. Mary’s Thunder def. Stamford Hornets 26-7
Men’s Division – Niagara Wasps def. Cobourg Saxons 31-7
Women’s Division – University of Montreal Carabins def. Niagara Wasps 24-0





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